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Staff / Rental Charges / Delivery

Catering Staff

Servers/Bar Staff $140 for first 3 hrs + $40 per addl hr
Catering Chefs $50 per hr.
Supervisor $70 per hr.

Chef Staff

Private Chef Services $70 per hr
Chef Courses $50 per hr
Family Services $50 per hr
Underground Dinner Club* $150 per person
*Minimum 6 persons and prices may vary on market cost of produce


Banquet Table $30 (6 ft)
Banquet / Round Table cloth $30 each
Skirts $20 each
Disposable Table cloth $6.00 each
Real china/ cutlery/ glasses $1.00 each
Linen napkins $2.50 each
Disposable plates, cutlery and napkins $2.50 per person
Chaffing Dish and sterno $25


Delivery and pick up $50